Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Joshu's Oak Tree

The Reading:

A monk asked Joshu, "What did Daruma come to China for?"  Joshu answered, "The oak tree in the (temple) front garden."
Case 37, Mumonkan, R.H. Blyth


There are many lectures in this Case.  There is a lecture about the difference between a Zen Master sweeping the floor and a common monk sweeping the floor.  There is the lecture about the purpose of Zen lectures.  There is also a handy little lecture I've prepared about the importance of landscaping in Zen temples.  Let us set them aside, and today, as it is spring here, go and sit somewhere, perhaps a coffee shop, and spend your time looking at trees.

If you are mostly quiet, and you enjoy yourself, then perhaps you can put Joshu's words in your mouth and understand his answer.

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