Saturday, January 12, 2013

Introduction to Huang Po by Pei Hsiu

The Reading:

Holding in esteem only the intuitive method of the Highest Vehicle, which cannot be communicated in words, he taught nothing but the doctrine of the One Mind; holding that there is nothing else to teach, in that both mind and substance are void and that the chain of causation is motionless.  Mind is like the sun hourneying through the sky and emitting glorious light uncontaminated by the finest particle of dust.  To those who have realized the nature of Reality, there is nothing old or new, and conceptions of shallowness and depth are meaningless.  Those who speak of it do not attempt to explain it, establish no sects and open no doors or windows.  That which is before you is it.  Begin to reason about it and you will at once fall into error.  


The chain of causation is motionless.  What do you think freedom is?

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